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Adventures Through Kayaking

Welcome to the Olympic Peninsula!

Discover the enchantment and wonder of the beautiful waters and unmatched skies that abound in the Great Pacific Northwest.

With Olympic National Park as your backdrop, we can treat you to some of the most outstanding scenery and wildlife that Mother Nature has to offer in a relaxed and intimate atmosphere.

With our personalized service, you may pick from a variety of sea kayaking, lake kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, and mountain biking excursions that only the Olympic Peninsula and our coast and strait can offer!

You don't even need experience as we cater to small groups, assuring a personal touch from our professional, experienced guides. So bring your family and friends, or journey and join us yourself, to enjoy the spectacular life and scenery of the Olympic Peninsula.

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Our Blog

  • Enjoyable Winter Paddling Tip #2
    This is a short series on how to enjoy kayaking year round, including the cooler temperatures of Fall and Winter.  Winter can be an absolute joy out on the water and with a few tools, you can get out to your favorite locations without the crowds.

    Tip #2 for Enjoyable Winter Kayaking

               Pack a Hypothermia Kit- grab an extra hat, a large garbage bag, chemical hand warmers and a cook stove with some fuel.  In the winter I always carry both a set of gloves and pogies and whichever I am not using...
  • Tip #1 for Enjoyable Winter Kayaking
       Dress Appropriately-  this means dress for the water temperature not the air
    and bring extra layers as back up.  When kayaking in the waters near the Olympic Peninsula, the water temperature rarely gets above 50 degrees. Drysuits are the best option for our climate. The layers you wear under the suit is what keeps you warm, while the shell of
    the drysuit is what keeps you “dry.”  Keep in mind, “dry” can be a relative term- expect a
    little water to get in whether it be around the gaskets or through pinholes in your suit.
    The best layers for under your drysuit are...
  • Eddyline Kayaks Are In The House!
    Are you thinking about getting a lightweight, durable, U.S. made kayak that happens to be beautiful? If so, stop by and check out our range of Eddyline Kayaks, they are sweet boats with sweet lines and the lightest of weight, plus they come in a sparkly array of colors :-)

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