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Founded in 2000, Adventures Through Kayaking started as a sea kayak guide service, sharing the immense beauty of the Olympic Peninsula through fun and educational outdoor experiences.  As world class mountain bike trails were being built just outside Olympic National Park, the company “had” to incorporate sharing the lush fern filled forests through guided mountain bike trips as well.  Now you will find Adventures Through Kayaking to be your one stop resource for kayaking, mountain biking and stand up paddleboarding, the fastest growing watersport in the world! Give us a call or email with any questions; we are here to make your Olympic Peninsula adventure an enriching lifelong memory. Your enjoyment and safety are our #1 priority!

“Adventure-packed day!”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed September 6, 2014 by Leslie J. – TripAdvisor

This review is overdue– we thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Olympic National Park and one of our best days was when we spent a half day kayaking on Freshwater Bay and then my husband and son opted for the half day mountain bike in the afternoon. We all had a great time. The guide was excellent, took great care of us, made sure we were safe and enjoyed our trip. Lots of fishes, invertebrates, seaweeds, etc. Saw thousands of jellyfish, which he assured us was a rare thing. huge schools of young salmon skipped ahead of us on the water. Saw eagles and ducks. Not a lot of kayaking experience needed. The guys loved the mountain bike trip as well, was just them and the guide bombing down the trails, with ample stops for water, discussions about the terrain and biology, and a few stories too. Highly recommended.

“Perfect relaxing trip for a nature lover”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed August 30, 2014 by jujudee- TripAdvisor

We did the 1/2 day sea kayak trip on Freshwater Bay. It was about 3 to 3.5 hours, and we chose the morning 9am trip. The paddling was easy, a first timer could easily handle it, not strerenuous at all and required no previous skill. They let you go with 2 people in one tandem kayak or single kayaks. Our guide Ben focused on safety and gave clear instructions, but what we loved the most was how much he shared with us about all of the wildlife and plants and trees, even showing us each type of seaweed. His passion for the area was evident, he knew a lot of history and stories of the native people. We were lucky enough to see a bald eagle, jelly fish, family of otters, and a seal. Kids could definitely do this trip.

They provide a wetsuit so don’t worry about what you are wearing underneath except maybe a bathing suit and a wool/fleece sweater. They provide water boots and gloves too and a dry bag. Afterwards you are invited to a free wine tasting at Harbinger Winery, nice wines and you get to taste about 10 of them.

“Great choice for a family adventure!”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed August 24, 2014 by Michael H.- TripAdvisor

Our family of two adults and two 14-year olds had a great time during our 1/2 day kayaking trip. Our guides were knowledgeable, the equipment was well maintained, and we thoroughly enjoyed the trip. I have a lot of kayaking experience, but several others in our group had little to no kayaking experience (including our kids), but all did fine. I had never kayaked in Washington, and really enjoyed the scenery and wildlife. I highly recommend Adventures Through Kayaking Outfitters!

“Maiden Kayaking Trip Success!”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed August 6, 2014 by LoveToHaveFun50- TripAdvisor

We traveled to Washington State to explore Olympic National Park but wanted to add something other than hiking and biking to our vacation. We decided to do the 1/2 day sea kayaking trip with Adventures. My husband, daughter and myself had never kayaked before, the other six in the group had. Upon arrival we were pleasantly greeted and outfitted to begin our adventure. Our guide, Jarrod (or Jarrett), could not have been more patient and informative with us all. He put us “newbies” at ease with great instructions and patience. We spent about 2-1/2 hours in Freshwater Bay going along the coast. We saw starfish, a bald eagle, sea lions, and a harbor seal. Plus marine life. It was an awesome experience! It has made us want to start kayaking. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone looking for something different to do for a 1/2 day. Also, to add to the pleasure of the trip a winery is adjacent to Adventures and after the trip you can wine or beer taste! What a way to end a perfect morning!

“An amazing day!”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed July 27, 2014 by pmhanis- TripAdvisor

Our group had a ten year old, nine 15-17 year old young men, along with five adults. We had a fantastic time. We did the half day sea kayaking followed by mountain biking. Tammi was great to work with setting this up. Our guides, Ben and Jarrett, were fantastic. The boys really liked them and we were confident in their abilities. They shares great information about the area, history, sea life, geography, etc., in a way that these teenagers listened and absorbed the information. We also did some whitewater rafting and backpacking that week. The consensus of our group is the day with Adventures through Kayaking was the highlight of the week. You can’t go wrong with ATK!

“I didn’t want the trip to end”
5 out of 5 stars Reviewed 8/15/14 by Leslie S.- Google Plus

It was a wonderful experience beginning with Tammie who answered all of my questions about the trip via e-mail/phone in a very timely manner and Jarod, the attentive tour guide who quickly ascertained everyoneís skill levels and adjusted the trip accordingly. We paddled calm waters, hugging the shoreline of gorgeous coves. Went right up to them to get a real close look at whatís in the tide pools (star fish, sea anenomes, urchins, barnacles, kelp, rocks, a few sandy bottoms, etc.) We saw some seals, a family of five adorable, playful baby otters and two bald eagles. All narrated by Jarod. I didn’t want the trip to end.

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