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Access to Olympic Hot Springs Road- Bike Rentals and Shuttle Service

Don’t let the Olympic Hot Springs Road closure in Olympic National Park put a damper on your trip.  The road is open to hikers and bikers!  Mountain bike rentals and a shuttle service is located at Adventures Through Kayaking, only 5 miles from Olympic Hot Springs Road.  The company will deliver bikes to the National Park Boundary, giving you access to trailheads, trails, and campgrounds currently closed to motorized vehicles.  Although the road closure may seem an inconvenience, the Valley is going to get a much needed rest from heavy summer traffic. The quiet, serene trails are going to be accessible only to those willing to make the additional  7 miles trek either by foot or bike.  Trails and trailheads in Olympic National Park accessible by bike include Olympic Hot Springs, Griff Trail, Happy Lake, Boulder Lake, Appleton Pass, Whiskey Bend, trail along former Lake Mills, Humes Ranch, Goblins Gate and the entire Elwha River Trail. To arrange for bike rentals and shuttle service call Adventures Through Kayaking at (360) 417-3015 or email

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