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Kayak Lessons & Camps

The following are courses covering a full range of paddling skills, from sea to river to stand up paddleboarding. All of the following courses are scheduled by reservation, give us a call and we will go over all the details. Half Day clinics are $300 for up to 5 people and $100 per person for additional people (max. 8 people,) all equipment included.

Introduction to Kayaking
Learn the basics and so much more. This course is designed to get you started in the sport of kayaking in an informed, enjoyable, and safe manner. You will learn how to get in and out of your kayak, how to launch and land, how to paddle and maneuver (paddle strokes), how to prevent capsizes and what to do in the event of a capsize. This clinic is highly encouraged for anyone that has interest in kayaking.

Paddle Strokes w/Bracing Techniques
Become a more efficient paddler through fine-tuning your edging and boat handling skills. This course covers 6 different types of paddle strokes and high/low braces.

Rescues and Towing
This clinic will teach you how to deal with real kayaking situations such as incapacitated paddlers, seasickness, and towing situations. When do you tow someone? What type of tow system is best? Who should do the towing? All these questions and more will be demonstrated with plenty of time for practice. This course will make you a more competent and confident paddler.

Introductory White Water
Gary Korb, pro paddler and kayak designer
We offer a 2-day Introductory White Water kayaking Course. This will be taught on the Sol Duc River and at Crescent Beach.

Roll Clinic
Enjoy an introduction to a valuable kayaking skill – how to Eskimo Roll a kayak. These classes are held year round, so call for information or sign up anytime you’re ready. When you ‘get immersed’, you’ll be ahead of the game and your confidence will soar!

Stand Up Paddleboarding
Learn to stand, paddle and glide on a stand-up paddleboard, you might just become addicted to the fastest growing watersport in the nation. Level I is for beginners- teaching you all the basics, how to stand, create balance, paddle techniques, board carrying techniques, edging, and skills to increase safety. Level II is for people who have taken level I and would like to learn advanced techniques such as surfing your paddleboard. A number of skills are taught including how to evaluate conditions, paddling safely through surf, surf etiquette, board handling skills, and advanced turning techniques; all courses are taught on water with extensive practice time.

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