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Many many new kayaks- Perceptions and Daggers Just Arrived

Over 35 new kayaks now in the store! This week we unloaded, removed tape, and unwrapped all the new Perception and Dagger kayaks. From the lightweight 38 lb. Tribute to the new Tribe sit on top. My absolute favorite new kayak by Dagger is the Alchemy, a shorter version of a full blown high performance sea kayak; this little gem is a perfect rock gardening and surfing sea kayak. Whether your NW paddling is on the lakes and rivers of Olympic National Park or the Strait of Juan de Fuca, we now have many options for your paddling style.

As a side note, we take extra time to ensure all the packaging materials are kept as clean as possible so we can reuse the plastic for a variety of uses; some people use the plastic for their home businesses, moving, and even for ground cloth for gardening.

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