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Whale Details

I should let you know these whales fully approached our kayaks- as we were watching them from a distance we could see their backs getting larger as they moved toward us. We let them know we were there by tapping on the side of our kayaks and tapping the water with our paddles. At one time they went out in deep water and began breaching and slapping their tales. At anytime we could look around us in a 360 degree view and see whales spouting. This is not a figment created through Photoshop; the whales are in the Straits.

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  1. I am the kayaker in the pictures with the whales. They approached from a distance as if to say hello. This was a profoundly moving experience and one that I shall never forget. My thanks to Tammi Hinkle and Adventures Through Kayaking for knowing where to find the whales.

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